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Next stop China
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Monday, July 11, 2011

It is so hot!

We went outside this morning for about an hour. The heat index is supposed to be 105 the next few days, so I figured if we were going to get out, it would have to be early. Both Ethan and Seth woke up around 6am and Seth has been a whiny bear all morning.

I am in a delimma right now as to what to do..... I was planning on getting up and taking Hannah to the walk in clinic at 8:30 when it opened. However, when she woke up with a normal temp, I decided not to take her. Well, now 3 hours later, her temp is 99.7. Normally I would not take her to a doctor for that small temp, but since she has been running a temp off and on since Thursday night, I need to take her. But now we are in the midst of naptime. Ethan is sleeping right now and probably will wake up anytime. I could probably put Seth down now and he would sleep a few hours, since he got up 2 hours early today. When to go to the clinic? If her temp gets above 100, I will take her. Maybe she is getting better. As you can tell in the above pictures, she isn't looking too sick. But she has been exposed to strep, and when she went to the doctor last week, the doctor thought it was a virus since her strep test was neg. But she also said her strep test could have been done too early too for it to show up.

We only got to spend about an hour outside before the kids got too hot and wanted to come in. I was planning on starting school today, I had ordered our curriculum last week, but then they said they wouldn't even start sending it until today...sooo, I may do a few review days just to fill up time and every day counts. I just hate wasting all of this "bored" time inside. We all love the spring and fall and it is soooo hard to stay inside and do school when it is beautiful outside.

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