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Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall, Fevers, and Where is my camera?

I love fall. It is getting so pretty driving down our road to our house. Almost the whole 2 mile gravel road we drive down is surrounded by trees. I am also loving the cooler weather.
I had to miss church services yesterday. Seth had a fever around 101 on Saturday night, so we knew he was staying home. We decided Ethan would stay too, since there is no sense in wrestling with him if you don't have to.
Thankfully we did because about 30 min. after he woke up his temp was around 101.5.
Seth woke up at 8:30, after everyone had left for church. He could hardly walk straight and his temp was 103.8. So I stripped him down to a diaper, gave him some ibuprofen and held him on the couch for an hour while it went down to a more tolerable level. He would cry every time I tried to put him down.
Ethan was walking around eating crackers while the ibuprofen was working on him. He finally got jealous of me holding Seth, so it was 2 whiny babies.
I finally had to take a bathroom break and just let Seth cry while I went. I had so many dishes that needed to be washed at Mom's that it ended up taking me about 6 trips in and out of the house to get them all into the van.
Since both boys fevers were now down enough I felt more comfortable, I took them to the van, turned it on and took the many trips to get all the dishes loaded up. Then we drove over to Mom's who was also home. I was able to get the dishes in, but had to sit there and hold Seth even though his temp was down, he was still very clingy. Finally, he fell asleep for about an hour and I was able to lie him on the couch and wash dishes. Ethan had fallen asleep on the way over and I put him straight in the crib.
I had taken our leftovers to Mom's so Aaron called and I told him where we were. He came straight over and we all ate there, then he took the boys and Natalie home. While I went to our weekly store run.
Seth slept almost all afternoon. I was afraid he would wake up with a really high fever. It was after 4pm and his medicine wore off at 2:30pm. But we were so blessed because he woke up cool and had completely done a 180. You wouldn't even have known he had been sick just hours before.
Ethan, however, woke up with a fever of 104.1. So same thing with him, stripped him down and gave him the ibuprofen and he then had to be held by someone all afternoon. pretty much until he went to bed. I am praying he wakes up this morning cool also. Those crazy kid viruses.
Oh and we lost our camera. I keep looking for it, but no luck yet. Very depressing. A lady from church took a picture of all our kids in their costumes and is printing us copies. Hope we find it soon. There is no telling where it is.
We were planning on moving our beds to the other house, but we went over there Saturday, and the heat wouldn't turn on. Not sure what we will end up doing. So hard to make decisions when you don't know the future!
I think I will let the kids wear their costumes again and go trick or treating at Mom's apartments tonight (they are apartments for senior citizens). Then our homeschool coop church is having a trunk or treat and I think I will take them there.

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