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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Summary

The girls and I took tons of laundry to the laundry mat. Yuck! We took it in, started 6 huge loads worth, then headed to the new house and I took a shower. Yes, I went to the laundry mat in pajama pants and a tshirt. Come to think of it, we were all in pajama pants. The girls were all back to normal. I however was still feeling the effects of the bug. The "Bug" always seems to linger in me a while.
After my shower it was back to the laundry mat to get it all drying then to Burger King to get the girls some food. We ate lunch at the new house and I showered all the girls then back to the laundry mat to pick up the nice clean laundry. By the way that was the first time at the new house that my attitude did not dip into the sewer. I didn't come close to an emotional breakdown. I didn't even leave it in a horrible mood. One might say I had hope while there instead of despair. So thankful for that.
Anyway, by the time we did all that running, I was feeling poorly and exhausted. Here is a neat story... I probably had 1/4 gal of bleach. I really, really didn't want to go to the store because I felt bad, looked worse (forgot to take a brush to the new house). But I probably would have stopped to get bleach while out. I was dreading that, but while at the laundry mat, this lady came up to me with an almost full gallon of bleach. She had just opened it that morning and asked if I wanted it. She said she had accidentally dropped the lid (where I don't know) and that she would rather give it away than put it back in her car without a lid. Isn't that neat?
We stopped by the library on the way home and I let Madelyn and Natalie go in and check out a few movies for the weekend. Then it was back to the house where I crashed for a while.
Friday night, with the girls helping so sweetly, we were able to clean the entire house. I mopped the whole thing with bleach water. The girls sprayed lysol everywhere at least once. Now we were ready to bring the boys back home.
Where does laundy hide? By the time we cleaned the house, I had 6 more baskets of laundry. Not wanting to infect Mom by taking it to her house, we went back to the laundry mat Saturday morn.
We all took showers at Mom's and gave the boys a bath in between me running back and forth to the laundry mat and getting lunch. We have eaten out more since Aaron went out of town than in the last 6 months. The boys were excited to see us. After eating lunch at Mom's we came home and let her have her house back.
The boys both took really long naps. They all played outside last night until after dark, then back in for bedtime.
Finally back to church. It seems like forever since we have been. We did go last Sunday morning. But I don't think we have been on a Wed. evening for 3 weeks. Or a Sunday night. Looking forward to going back tonight.

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