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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You've Got to Be Kidding Me!

From my awful bitter post the other day, if you read it, you know that Aaron is out of town.
So here is the rundown of the last 24 hours.
Last night I was really hoping that soccer games would be canceled, since it was raining. More like misting, so the soccer games went on. Took Madelyn alone to her soccer game at5:30. When that was over, we went to Mom's and picked up all the other kids and I decided to take everyone to Natalie's game so that we could go straight home. It misted some in that game too, but I had taken an umbrella for Ethan's sake and he stayed dry and surprisingly, it wasn't cold even though it was dark and rainy. And the boys were really good. Got home around 8:45pm
Put the boys straight to bed.
Around 10pm, Madelyn was crying because her stomach hurt. Oh no!
Around 11pm, she woke up vomiting.
Oh it gets worse. Hannah sometimes will make a bed on the floor beside Madelyn and guess who got it in the face and hair.
So I woke up Hannah who was oblivious and of course she was very upset. I wiped her face with wipes then sat her in the middle of the kitchen floor while I heated up water in a pot to give her a "bath".

Yup, my biggest fear has come true...No water plus stomach virus plus husband out of town.
I got Hannah cleaned and put back to HER bed and then she asked me for a trash can. Madelyn vomited again about an hour later. Also, realize that it is all over sheets, blankets, stuffed animals , etc. AND I can't just throw this stuff in my washing machine. I HAVE NO WATER! So all of it is in baskets in the garage waiting for me to take it to the laundry mat.
Normally I pay Mom to do my laundry. It is a win win. She gets much needed money and I stay out of the laundry mat. But I didn't want it festering at her house and I want to keep it out of her house since the boys are there, so I told her I would do it all at once at the laundry mat.
I emailed Aaron, knowing he wouldn't get it until this morning, but had to vent.
I was awakened at 7am to Hannah vomiting. So the incubation period for this particular stomach virus is 7-8 hours. Poor girl.
I had called Mom last night to give her a heads up. So I called her this morning to see if she would take the boys to her house in hopes they wouldn't get it.
So while Hannah is vomiting, Ethan, who shares a room is standing in his crib screaming because how dare anyone let him stay in that horrible crib longer than what is necessary to walk into the room and sweep him out of it. Screaming babies always help the mood.
So I woke Natalie up and asked how she felt. She said fine so I told her to grab Ethan and take him to the living room.
She did and about 10 seconds later I hear her gagging, so I met her in the hallway with the trashcan. Ethan is crying and chasing her. My hands are dirty so I keep having to push him down with my foot in order to slow down his progress towards the trashcan of doom and his vomiting sister.
He's screaming wondering why Mama keeps kicking him into the living room with her foot instead of changing his diaper while he drinks his bottle, which is normally how he wakes up. He was NOT happy.
I got the gate and locked him in the living room. Seth woke up about this time and his diarrhea that had almost resolved has come back the last few days. I do not think this is related to the stomach virus, his bowels have been messed up for months. However, it has been worse the last 3 days. His pants were completely soaked and a wet spot the size of his body was in his bed... from diarrhea. So I cleaned him up the best I could with wipes.
Heated up more water on the pan while he walked around naked, then gave him a "bath"
Whew! By this point it was probably 745.
Madelyn has been fine all day and has been eating.
Natalie has been fine and been eating, other than being real sleepy. I now wonder if her episode was a gagging from the situation and not the bug.
Hannah has continued to vomit all day. Poor girl. I finally gave her 1/4 of a phenergan, hoping to knock her out and give her a break. She has been asleep for a few hours now.
As for me, I have been tired all day. I took a nap this afternoon and when I woke up felt sick and even went and got the trash can. However, I have only eaten 2 graham crackers with peanut butter and a bowl of soup the entire day. I feel hungry, but am scared to eat. I actually feel better now that I ate some crackers, so I will tell myself that the nausea was from hunger instead of the virus.
I would appreciate any prayers on our behalf.
Oh and why am I not bitter?
Aaron emailed me the sweetest letter today. Oh my goodness, so nice of him. He is so wonderful. Made my day. I know that he would come home in a second and help if he could. I am just so blessed by him.

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