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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who wants a trophy

We had a great Monday and Tuesday. My neice Blake, who went to Ethiopia with me to pick up the boys, came down for the night. The girls were so excited and we had a great visit. Madelyn has probably said 5 times since she left "I wish Blake could have stayed longer" I agree.
Plus, she is getting MARRIED! I am so happy for her.
Yesterday, while at Mom's eating lunch with Blake, Mom, and the kids, Natalie was just lying around. Ends up she had a 102 temp. So she laid around all day yesterday. I kept ibuprofen and tylenol in her so I don't think she felt too bad. She has no symptoms though, so I am thinking virus. This morning I had gotten up to give Ethan his bottle and heard a weak "Mama" coming from Natalie. She was burning up again, this time103.3 under her arm and still no symptoms. We'll see how today goes. More ibuprofen and she is already up and about.
I was looking forward to going to church tonight. I don't think I have been to church on a Wed. night in about 4 weeks. Someone is always sick it seems. Maybe next week.
Madelyn and Hannah were supposed to play soccer last night. Ended up with a huge rain with thunder and lightening, so those were cancelled. Natalie and Madelyn are supposed to play tomorrow night. They both missed their games last week because of the stomach virus. Oh well.
Trophies: Our soccer league has decided a few years ago not to keep score. Ugh, I hate that. Heaven forbid someone lose a game and try harder next time. Now if our league was a competitive league, and they kept score and at the end of the season they honored the winning team with trophies, then I would be all for them. However, trophies for the sake of trophies because everyone else is buying trophies and we don't want our kids to feel bad because they didn't get one too, to me is a waste of money and space on top of a shelf on tv, then in the toybox and eventually a waste of space in our trash can.
Right now we have 5 kids. Starting soccer at age 5 and playing until they are 14 would be 9 years for each kid. So, 5 kids times 1 trophy a year for 5 years = 45 cheap trophies. REALLY?
Even if they were only $10 each, that would be $450 worth of trophies.
Last year, we told Madelyn's coach in time we didn't want one. Hannah's bought one without asking, so we wasted money on that one. Then we told Natalie's coach we didn't want one. Well, I guess he and our assistant coach thought that was terrible and spent their own money on one for Natalie. And you know what. I didn't offer to pay them back. I told them I didn't want one. And you know where that trophy is? Me neither...
The trophy discussion was passed around at Hannah's last game. I told them "we don't want one" I am already an outcast in this town. What is one more thing we don't do that everyone else does...

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