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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Soccer is Over!

I am so glad that soccer season is over. What a relief! I love watching the kids play, but every year by the end of the season, I am so ready for it to be over. All three girls had games last night. I think there may still be a few pizza/ice cream parties to go to.
Let me tell you, soccer was a chore. especially with the boys. Now the boys acted real good, but you arrive at the soccer fields. Then you pull out both umbrella strollers (the only ones that fit in the car), put the boys in. Hang purses, diaperbags, coats, blankets, etc. on the stollers then grab the folding chairs, water bottles for everyone, then lug them all to the end of the trail where the soccer games are. Watch Hannah's game first, then pack everything up and push/lug it over to the big soccer field for Madelyn's game, then after that is over, push/lug it over to the smaller field again for Natalie's game. Then finally back to the car where it takes you so long to pack everyone back in and get them buckled that the lights are out in the parking lot and you are the last one there.
Madelyn and Natalie are thinking about playing basketball. At least in this sport there are bleachers and that eliminates carrying in chairs.
We still haven't moved into the new house. We have been soooo busy since Aaron got home.
When Aaron got back to work Saturday, the Montero wouldn't start. So we had to get it towed to be fixed. New starter.
Sunday between morning and evening church services, we had an activity for the girls for their age group. Monday night we had 3 soccer games. Tuesday night we had 3 soccer games. Tonight is church services. Maybe Tomorrow night we can work on it.
Mom is off for the next 9 days and that will help. She can probably watch the kids for a while so we can pack up and move big things.
Good news..we had someone look at our present house yesterday. I hope and pray they make an offer. The realtors said these people were looking for a camping spot and even brought their camper with them yesterday. That is exciting if they don't need or want the house as a primary residence. This would be the perfect spot to camp. (still having a little trouble letting go, but I am getting a little better.) It would truly help a lot financially to go ahead and sell this place, move to our friends house and have time to decide where to go next. And in the meantime not be paying a mortgage on a house we aren't living in.

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