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Next stop China
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hopefully on the Mend

I did finally succomb to the bug around 3am. I had taken 1/4 phenergan tablet last night. However, I think it just put off the inevitable and prolonged my misery. And knocked myself out.
I woke up this morning, came out to the computer and drank some diet 7up around 8am. Then could not stay awake. Long story short, I slept off and on until 1pm.
Here is a tribute to my wonderful girls. One of the times I came out to check on them, they had made coffee. They said it tasted good. They had never made coffee before.
They said they were going to make me breakfast in bed, but figured I didn't want any. They were right. Thankfully, they are all back to normal today.
I am just now feeling a lot better. I have eaten 3 pieces of toast and a cracker all day. Plus a ton of diet 7up. I am praying that when I wake up in the morning I will feel back to normal.
Even with sleeping until 1pm, I still took another nap from about 4-5. And I am tired now and it is only 10pm.
I did have the energy to wash all the dishes in bleach water. And wipe down all the kitchen counters with bleach water. I pray that tomorrow I can get all the nasty sheets to the laundry mat without recatching the bug from it. I have half a mind to just shove it all in a dumpster somewhere. Mom said she can watch the boys at least 2 more days before she has to go to work. That is wonderful because tomorrow I plan to mop the whole house with bleach and then cover the rest with lysol. Praying I kill all the germs before the boys get home and start crawling around.

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