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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Have we bought a house yet? Who knows...

Well, we made an offer on this particular house 2 weeks ago yesterday. And we still don't know. We have offered, they have counteroffered, over and over. Saturday morning, the bank told us what they HAD to have, and with some minor adjustments, we were able to get to that point and make our final offer. But we had to wait for the termite man to go visit the house. Our final offer was turned in on Tuesday afternoon. I was hoping that since with this offer the bank gets what it HAS to have from us in order to sell the house, that we would hear back in a timely manner. Yet here it is, almost 48 hours later and still no word from them. UGH!!! Seriously, people, do you not understand that I dont do well waiting!
When we first started working on this foreclosure, our realtor was telling us about a client of hers that had been in negotiations over a foreclosure for over a month. I thought that seemed crazy at the time. But now that I realize the bank spends 3 days at least to make a decision, that is believable.
In other news, the boys spent the day and last night with Mom. We had some stuff to do with our homeschool coop, plus I am trying to do extra school every day in order to get done with our curriculum and be done by the 2nd week in May.
The girls are going to TN with Aaron's parents on Saturday. I really want to work 3 days next week. Still no tax return and with us possibly buying a house at the end of the month, I really need to work some.
I am hoping to work full time this summer once we are done with school. That is just 3 days a week, but I would like to kind of build a buffer for wintertime.

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