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Next stop China
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still don't know about the house?

Well, we still do not know if we are going to get the house that we have been making offers on since last Wednesday.
We had made our new offer on Friday night. Finally, Tuesday night around 7:30 the realtor said she just got off the phone with our bank and they wouldn't budge on their price they had counteroffered us.
See, when we looked at the house we noticed that one of the air conditioner units had been stolen. So one of the conditions we asked for was working air conditioners.
Well, the bank which owns the house apparently called the most expensive AC person around and said that they needed to go ahead and replace both ACs and that would cost the bank $12000 and therefore they could not go down on their price.
However, the realtor called the man that just happened to put her an AC in not to long ago for less than $4000. She and this man went to the house today and he checked them out and said he could replace the missing part on the bad one and update the other one for a total of $2000.
So with that information, we made one last offer and hopefully will get the house. That was a little after lunch today.
Praying we at least will have a decision by Friday. This not knowing is driving me nuts!

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