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Next stop China
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Where are you, tax refund?

We paper filed our taxes this year on Feb. 29. Had to do paper because of the adoption credits. Anyway, according to their website, we were supposed to get our return back on April 17.
I eagerly awaited this date, excitedly, wondering which adoption loan to pay off first.
Then April 17 came and went and nothing in our bank account. And our status on the IRS webpage now stated that our taxes were being processed and they had taken the date off.
Then we get letters today, stating that they are going to spend up to 45 days reviewing our taxes and we should hear from them within 45 days. Well, that is just more interest we pay on our adoption loans.
I am slightly irritated. We did everything correct and Aaron did a very detailed outline of each adoption receipt we had. I guess ours just came up for review. I know this is very common from reading all of our adoption yahoo group emails last year. But I was hoping that we would have gotten OUR money back speedily and without a big mess. So much for hoping...

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