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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why didn't I try this before?

Ok, Ethan is now 17 months old. I would guess for the last 10 months he has been home, he has screamed each and every time we leave him in Bible class. Seriously Ethan, you really don't have to scream. I know you love me and crave my company and want me to feel wanted, so you decide to scream like I am pulling off your toenails one by one. But you don't really have to do it. Give it up..Please! Normally, he is just fine until we make it in the classroom, and we put him down or hand him over.
His teachers always tell us that he is fine almost immediately after we are out of sight and he even gets down, plays and enjoys himself.
I know my children are exceptionally intelligent ;). So tonight, when we got to church and I was unbuckling Ethan, I said 'Ethan, do NOT throw a fit when you go to class. Do NOT scream when I leave you in class. " And he was smiling, pointing at me going "no, no, no" like he does when I tell him not to do something.
We get to the outside of class and I again told him the same speech "DO NOT throw a fit when I drop you off"
We walk in and there are no teachers so I got his bag hung up before one of the teachers walked in.
I again told him not to throw a fit while I handed him over to the teacher. Of course he is master of the pouty lip and started to breath heavy like he does when he really wants to throw a fit. I kept telling him 'do not scream" don't throw a fit" I will be back"
And guess what....
Not a peep, I left, he didn't scream and it left me wondering that perhaps he just needed permission not to go insane when we left.

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