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Next stop China
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Monday, December 13, 2010

It's always something

No news from our agency about referrals...
Friday, we got done with school as early as possible, skipping breaks so that we could go Christmas shopping about 30 min. away. I needed to mail off our original dossier to Washington DC. Well, I got everything ready, got my list of stuff I needed and set out to Mom's to pick her up. Realized when I got to Mom's that I forgot to bring the dossier. Rather than drive 15 min back to our house, then back to town before driving another 30 min, I decided to wait until today. I need to send it UPS, Fed Express, or something like that. There is only one place here in town I have found that you can mail stuff that way. It is in a pharmacy and you tell them you want to mail it and a person who has another job comes and gets your package ready at this tiny table barely big enough to fit a package and I just don't trust it that much. So, probably after lunch if it warms up a bit to the high 20s we may drive again 30 min away to mail it.
I had mailed our USCIS application on 11/19. Fees were going up on 11/23 or 11/24 and I looked up the web site and it said that the increased fees would be for those applications POSTMARKED after 11/23 or 11/24. cant remember which. Not that it mattered because I looked it up and mailed mine on the 19th. Well, almost 4 weeks later, I get my application, un-cashed money orders and everything else back in the mail along with a letter stating there was a problem with the fees. Of course the person typing the letter didn't feel the need to specify. But I bet they want the increased fee because they probably didn't open the package until after the 23rd, but didn't know that their web site said postmarked. and now the envelope that has the evidence of when I sent it is in a landfill somewhere and I am sure I won't be able to prove that I did send it in time and this will cost me another $100. Plus, why did it take 3 weeks to tell me this??? All this time I figured our application was being processed, when in reality we still haven't applied. UGH!

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