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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cleaning out

Last night, I typed up a list of all of the things I want cleaned out before we get the boys. I hate to sort and clean and therefore I am terrible at it because I put it off so long. However, I do enjoy making lists and marking off stuff as I do it!
We had the whole day at the house today and I got so much done. We decided not to risk going to church services this morning, since we barely made the turn into our driveway on the way home last night because it was so slick. Then church services were cancelled tonight. So we had an entire day of sledding, warming up, then sledding, then warming up, then sledding some more even up until almost 9pm tonight. Apparently it became slicker and faster as the day went on. I am so glad that the girls are braver than me. I went down a few times, but have never liked going fast, sledding, skiing, slip and slides, etc. It was a lot of fun watching them do it though. Madelyn and I built a big snowman and then she of course had to add a little baby snowman beside it.
Aaron measured 5 inches of snow this morning. Unusual for this area, but great and has to be enjoyed while it is here.
My brother Michael and his family stopped by for a little while today on their way to the coast to hop on a cruise. Michael took a turn on the sled, but didn't go more than once, I guess he didn't want to risk an injury right before a trip.
Back to the cleaning.
Today I ...
-cleaned out the filing cabinet that had junk from years ago - 90% we didn't need anymore and was promptly burned in the driveway.
-cleaned out my closet, and got rid of over two trash bags worth of clothes - most which went to a thrift store in town, literally got rid of 1/2 my clothes. So much that Aaron was able to move all of his winter clothes that we normally keep in the girls bathroom closet in mine, thus freeing up the girls bathroom closet.
-cleaned out my dresser and consolidated 5 drawers into 3 and got another bag full of clothes to give away. Now I have 2 empty drawers in the bottom of my dresser which I will use for the baby that stays in our room. Probably little Ethan.
-took one tote full of extra blankets to the garage (Aaron did this)
-took our cedar chest that we have been using to hold up our answering machine and store junk to the garage (Aaron did this also) Moving the tote and cedar chest and putting Aaron's dresser against a different wall has freed up space beside our bed for a crib.
-Hannah got new sheets for Christmas and wanted them on her bed. I asked Madelyn to help Hannah clean off the millions of stuffed animals of her bed, so we could get to the sheets. They did that and more and reached between the bed and the wall and had a pile of sheets/toys/stuffed animals/pillows/books/etc that literally was stacked taller than Hannah's bottom bunk. Got the new sheets on the bed and can finish cleaning out from under her bed tomorrow and that is another thing off my list.
-Aaron also went through all of his clothes and we have almost a whole tote of clothes to take to Ethiopia with us to give away, if we have the luggage space.
*On a side note, normally we would not put a baby in our room, but our house is very crowded and unless we put him in the living room, he will be with us. Since I am normally the only one who stays up past 9, then the living room may be a good option. I am normally in the kitchen on the internet or reading a book, but the tv is hardly ever on and wouldn't wake him. Madelyn is going to room with one and we will room with the other. He still may sleep in the living room, depending on his sleeping habits. We have a crib and a pack and play. Probably will put the crib in Madelyns room in the corner and then the pack and play in our room. Madelyn was 18 months old when Natalie was born and Natalie slept her first 10 months in a pack and play until Madelyn moved to a toddler bed. Not to mention, we lived in a 700 sq ft apartment until she was 10 months old and she did live in the living room.
Anyway, proud to have made myself sort and clean. I just look at the pictures of the little babies and it gives me motivation. Pray we get them home soon. I am praying every day that our process is sped up. So far the girls' passports came back in 2 weeks instead of 6-8, and the baby's medical report came back in 2 days instead of 2 weeks.
Tomorrow we will be having our official referral acceptances notarized and sent to our agency. This was put off only because of our travel and the holiday weekend.

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