Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nothing exciting to report

I have had a better attitude the past few days. Thankfully!
I was supposed to work 12 hours on Friday, but got cancelled. Aaron was off, so we had a great day at home. Saturday I was able to work 12 hours. It was time to sign up to work the month of January, so I signed up for 12 hours each Saturday and it has been a big load off my mind to not constantly be thinking of ways to fit some hours in here and there at work.
A lady from our adoption agency called Friday morning. I was so excited, I was hoping it would be with a referral, but she said that Sue, the giver of referrals was wanting to know specific ages we would take. I told her and haven't heard anything since. So close. I pray we get our referrals this week. Aaron probably does too, since I drive him nuts wondering.
I have dental work on Tuesday. Yuck! I hate it, but better to keep my teeth and I am trying to be thankful for dentists. We have a busy week ahead
Monday - school
Tuesday - dentist :( I mean :)
Wednesday -Chiropractor :)
Thursday - Special field trip :)
Friday- hopefully be taking the girls to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Can't wait LOVE the books
Saturday Christmas with the Pirkles and home
And what a Christmas present if we got our referrals this week.
And Monday will be our 13th anniversary!!! Love, love, love my husband. I was so smart to marry him!

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  1. Happy Anniversary and sending prayers that you get your referrals this week!!! :)