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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Toothaches and sick kid

Didn't get a whole lot done on the house yesterday. I did finish my bedroom. There were 3 boxes I needed to go through and so I went through one and put the other two in the kitchen;).
I will try to finish Natalie and Hannah's room today.
Took the girls over to mom's around lunchtime, then I went to work to get the schedule for January to see if there were any holes that I needed to fill in. I also showed off pictures of the sweet babies. I happened to see the grandmother of the girls' best friend from church at the hospital and she wanted the girls to come over to play with her granddaughter yesterday. So I took the girls to her house at 1:30 and then met her at 4pm at the rec center to bring them home. They had a lot of fun. I didn't feel real good yesterday and was a little afraid I was catching what Madelyn has. I hope not since I have to work 12 hours Friday and Saturday. I think it may just be my tooth pain wearing on me.
I am getting pretty annoyed with this tooth pain I have been having that is gradually growing worse. I had 2 cavities filled over a week ago. One needs a crown and I have a temporary cap on it. Anyway, the dentist told me it would be sensitive until we got the crown on, but see it takes 2 weeks to get the crowns made and back to the dentist. I did have an appointment on 1/6 to have it put on, unfortunately, that is the day we got assigned for our fingerprints in Birmingham, and we CANT miss that or reschedule, so I had to put off my crown until 1/10. A few months ago, I had lots of mid chest pain, which the doctor and I were pretty sure was an ulcer. I took protonix and carafate for a few months and thankfully it went away. However, with this mouth pain constantly, I have had to go back on the ibuprofen and tylenol around the clock. I take a carafate every time I take an ibuprofen, but still scared the ulcer will come back. The pain woke me up last night I had to take the strong stuff that I had leftover from a root canal last year and it finally took the pain away where I could go back to sleep. But I don't want to take that all the time either. I don't think it is an abcess. I had one of those before and the pain gradually got worse and was unbearable, which this was last night. We'll see. I only took 1/4 of a lortab and it took the pain away last night, so I have lots of room to move up to more if I have to. Hope I make it until the 10th. I hate all this dental work!
Madelyn is sick with a cold or something like it. She ran a fever one day and complained of a sore throat, not to mention the coughing and runny nose. Then the fever went away and she sounded like she was getting over a cold, then this morning, she hardly has a voice, but no fever and a awful cough. Her ear hurt the other day and she said that is better. If her temp goes back up today I will probably just take her in this afternoon or in the morning to make sure she doesn't need anything more than time.
So hard to grasp the reality that if everything goes as usual, we will have our two babies home in less than 5 months. I can't wait! It is kind of like when you are pregnant the first time and you know there is a baby in you, but it is such a weird thing to imagine that it is hard to believe. Anyway, we have been waiting so long for these referrals, I think I am still in nonreality land. Plus, I think I am trying to hold myself back a little, knowing that anything could still happen to before the court date and we can call them ours. I think I will breathe a sigh of relief when the court date is over and I might just collapse with relief when they come home. I feel like I am holding my breath, trying not to get too attached to them. It is hard not to though.

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