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Monday, December 6, 2010

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Got a call Friday afternoon from Angela paperwork at our agency that she couldn't read the part of my birth certificate that stated when it was issued. You have to have a newly issued birth certificate, not one you have had for years. She wanted me to fax it or scan it and email it so that Sue can take a copy of our dossier to Ethiopia with her when she leaves on the 8th.
Friday night we had to leave not too long after I talked to her to go to the Christmas parade. All 3 girls got to go on the Girl Scout float. Aaron and I watched and froze, although it was not as cold as most years.
I was scheduled to work 7am-7pm on Saturday. Well, they called at 5 am to tell me that I was on standby and I didn't have to come in. I went back to sleep and woke up around 7:30. At 7:45, the supervisor called and said they needed me to come in. So I got there around 8:45 and worked until 7pm.
I felt like I might have a sinus infection coming on so I took some decongestant before going to bed Saturday night and woke up all night Saturday night so stopped up. I finally got up at 5am to blow and Aaron said he thought a herd of elephants was walking by. Madelyn and Natalie were stopped up, coughing and nose dripping too, so Aaron and Hannah went to church alone.
After Aaron got home, I went to CVS to get some sudafed. I also printed off a coupon and ended up getting the following for 27$:
4 zhu zhu pets 9.98 each
sudafed 10.49
3 12 packs of coke for $10 (got 3$ extra care bucks)
However with the coupon I had and buy one get one free this week, I got 4 zhu zhu pets for the price of one. Normally I wouldn't have bought these, but all 3 girls have to take a 5-10$ gift for Girl Scout Christmas party exchange.
I had a coupon for 5$ off the purchase of 20$ or more.
Plus I got another 3 $ in extra care bucks to use next time and a 5$ off next 20$ purchase!
I was so excited.
I was supposed to teach class last night at church, but gradually felt worse as the day went by. I had made a German Chocolate Upside Down cake for the church Christmas party last night. Madelyn felt bad enough that she didn't want to go either, even though she knew about the party, which really shows how bad she felt too. Aaron and I were going to take Natalie and Hannah and let Mom take them to her house afterward, then pick them up, but I felt achy and awful by that point and town is almost 20 min away, so we all stayed home and watched Funniest Home Videos, Makeover Home Edition, then Undercover Boss. I propped myself up on the couch last night to sleep and took 2 sudafed and 2 benedryl and slept pretty well.
I feel slightly better today. Got up at 6 am and woke the kids up at 6:30. We dropped some stuff off at Mom's, hung out there for a couple of minutes, then went by my work where they were nice enough to fax my birth certificate for me. Then we stopped by the store and picked up dog food and paper products and headed home.
Amazingly I was able to do school, but was completely worn out by that point. I had to lay down for an hour and let the kids watch tv. I just now took 2 more sudafed and an ibuprofen and I am hoping to perk up enough for a quick trip to the library. We just started studying Ancient Rome this morning and I have no books on Rome or this subject. Our curriculum gives a little and we are supposed to supplement the rest.
Praying for our referrals ASAP. I can't wait to see our new babies' faces!!

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