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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dental Pain

Went to the dentist yesterday. I think that was the most stressed I have ever been at the dentist. 3 weeks of pain, then wondering if I would have to have a root canal because it was still hurting. Poking me with sharp things causing even more pain before numbing me. I was very close to crying. Anyway, the conclusion they came up with for all of my pain is that pieces of my temporary cap had come off and was not covering the tooth causing pain. They took an xray and no abcess and the dentist decided to go ahead with the permanent cap. He numbed me real good and that is the only time I have ever looked forward to being numb. I hate the numb feeling, but to be free from pain was soooo nice. I felt better than I had in a while. After I got home and the numbness wore off, there was no pain. I was so happy I actually felt like cleaning the house. Then about 6pm the pain came back and it was bad. So I finally medicated enough last night to go to sleep. Took 2 ibuprofen, 1 extra strength tylenol and half a lortab and still was in pain an hour later. Finally went to sleep around 10, then woke up around 2 am and took 2 more ibuprofen, rubbed my gums with chloreseptic and laid there for an hour before finally calling in sick to work and getting back to sleep around 3:30am. I hate calling in to work, but I can't work in pain and I won't work while taking anything prescription strength.
Now I am in a delimma. Do I go ahead and have the other side of my mouth done where I need two caps or do I wait until the babies come home? On one hand it would be awesome to get it done. On the other hand, if I am going to have months of pain, I do not want to fly to Ethiopia with a toothache. I don't want to meet my boys feeling bad. But it would be easier to do it before they get here. I guess I will just pray about it.
By the way, our trash people have not come in two weeks now. All of our trashcans at the road have been full for over a week. There are trash bags stacked in here. They didn't come two weeks ago because of the snow. Then they didn't come last Monday because of MLK day. I should call the city and ask for half of my trash money back this month.
Supposed to get 1 inch of snow tonight. We'll see. They were right last time. Well 1 inch of snow is a lot when you live where we live. Don't know if we will make it to coop tomorrow if we do get that much. I am sure schools will be cancelled for that too.
Good news, we do have all we need to file our taxes. I may drop that off today. Anxious to see what we may get back this year. Hope we don't owe.

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