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Next stop China
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Had a great weekend. Friday we had coop for only 2 hours, then drove home and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with the girls and that night with Aaron when he got off work. Worked 12 hours on Saturday. Work went well. My tooth has hurt some, but the major pain is coming at larger and larger intervals, which I am hoping means that soon it will disappear. (Just in time for the next round of dental work.) Have two more teeth to fix on the opposite side of my mouth, then hopefully I will be done. They can be done at the same time. It will take two visits to fix this. I don't think I will have time to go until next month.
Sunday we enjoyed church then went home, ate a quick lunch and headed out to Parker Falls about 30 min from here to go hiking. Aaron read it is approx 7/10 of a mile each way. It was a good hike. Not too cold and we followed a creek for most of the way. Lots of little waterfalls. It wasn't an easy hike like a walk in the park. There was some climbing and scary cliff walking with 3 kids, but it was a great day. We have been wanting to use Sunday afternoons for hiking, but with so much snow or rain the last month, this is our first one. We did take Madelyn on a Saturday hike a while back. We are hoping to go back to Parker falls this summer, where it would be a wonderful place to wade in the water.
Aaron wasn't feeling well last night, so after Madelyn and I went grocery shopping, I took the girls to Mom's and let her take them to church. Aaron stayed home sick again today. Hopefully he is not contagious. I was supposed to work 7-3 today, but they didn't need me. The supervisor offered to either put me on call for 7-3, or I could work 3-11. I chose 3-11 since we could get a school day in and I would still get 8 hours in today. I do well when I keep my "gotta work my rear off right now so we can pay our bills later" attitude. When I get the "I miss my family and it is too hectic" attitude, I get stressed and irritable.
I went and picked the kids up at mom's, got gas, and stamps, then made it home for school.
Hard to believe that our babies should be home in less than 4 months. In one way, it doesn't seem long at all, but on the other hand, I think of all the milestones our babies are reaching without us there. Oh to hold them now.
We turned in our taxes last week. Fortunately, we will get a good sum back to put into savings to help pay our bills when the babies come. Since we are itemizing, we can't file until 2/15, but no matter, we won't be spending it anytime soon.

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