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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Pictures

Today we got 15 more pictures of our boys. Sue from our agency was going to be there this month. We got a couple pictures of them together, but looks like Seth the older is a little squirmy and trying to crawl away the whole time. He is a cutie though. And Ethan, the one month old actually has his eyes open in the pictures. Yeah! Both look sweet and healthy. I am so glad and can't wait to hold them. I pray for them every day and it is hard to wrap your mind around the fact that Lord willing - these will be our children in less than 5 months. I try not to think of all the time with them we are missing, but looking at the other side that we are getting them young and we hopefully have a lifetime ahead of us.
This may seem a little graphic, but I don't think Natalie will be too embarrased by this. She is 8 1/2 and when we went to the dentist last year, he was worried that her 6 year molars weren't in at all. So, when she was 8 and they still hadn't shown, (they looked good in the xrays) he decided to remove the skin above all of her molars to see if that would help. He looks to be in his mid to late 60s, and he says she has him stumped and he can't figure out what the problem is. He figures it must be hereditary. (Hannah is 6 and hers have yet to show signs of emerging too)We did the skin removing in two steps and she did real well. Went for a follow up and they had emerged some, but not as much as he would have liked. So about 2 months ago, they put what looked like tiny braces rubber bands as spacers, hoping to keep the other neighboring teeth out of the way of the molars coming in. So, after the followup today, she has to keep the spacers in for another 4 weeks. Poor girl, hasn't been able to chew gum or eat chewy candy. She has a bag of candy saved for a long time and even took 4 pieces of candy with her today to eat on the way home, since she has been saving it up for 2 months. Still can't have them.
I would not have braved the 2 miles of ice to get to the main road and would have cancelled, so Aaron decided to take her for me. Her appointment was at 9am. They got there around 8:45. At 10:15, the dentist still wasn't there. He finally showed and they got home around lunchtime. By that point, his work had called and told him not to come in, it was too icy there.
Aaron is taking me to work and the girls to mom's in the morning before going to work. I get off at 3, but Aaron won't be able to pick me up until 5 or so, so I may either offer to stay until 7 or Mom might brave the roads to pick me up at 3. From what Aaron says, it isn't bad at all in town. Really, only our road was the only bad one he drove on. Hope we make it to work ok in the morning.
Girls sledded off and on today. I sledded a few times the first few days, but it is so cold and then you get wet and it is miserable. Plus, the sledding hill is so fast now, the kids actuallygo airborne over some of the bumps. When I went Monday night I could already tell a difference and it beat your rear to death on the way down on the bumps. Tonight Aaron went out with them and helped make a new one that is longer, not quite as speedy and packed down and you don't end up in brush and small trees.

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