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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dentist today

I am finally going to get the permanent cap placed on my tooth today. I was originally supposed to have it done on 1/6, but that was the day USCIS scheduled our fingerprints. Then I scheduled it for last Monday, but we were snowed and iced in. Today I am going. Not looking forward to the numbing, but looking forward to healing for my tooth and not taking pain medicine almost everyday. My poor belly is not enjoying the ibuprofen.
Thankfully, last Saturday, I took pepto a few times and that seemed to ward off my soy protein pains most of the day. However, yesterday, even with taking the pepto, I felt horrible the whole 8 hours I worked. It is so weird how it comes and goes. Normally lasting a few weeks.
We were going to start hiking in the National Forest Aaron works for every Sunday afternoon, but the last 2 weeks the ground has been covered in snow. Maybe this Sunday it will be sunny. I am ready to be outside.
We are right where we need to be for school days this year. Since Christmas normally marks the halfway part. Actually, there are usually more days in the Spring semester, but we are a little more than halfway done. We were able to get some school days in during all the snow. Where the school system shut downs, we can go strong.
We are on a tight budget until the babies get home. I pray that with me working 40 hours a week. Squeezing 12 hours in on Sat. 4 hours on Sunday, then 3-11 or 7-11p shifts in the rest of the week, we can have a normal school day and I can get all my hours in. My goal is to get as much money into savings as possible. I project we will be paying back up to $35,000 in loans for the next 15 months. That estimate includes guessing how much travel will cost.
Once we get our taxes back in 2012, we that will help tremendously, but until then we will be paying lots of different payments. Well worth it, but it will take some planning on our part.
I did the budget for January, (with Aaron's approval), but underestimated how much we spend on gas. I did a tight budget for groceries for January too because we had a lot of frozen meat. We have a ton of frozen deer. So, we will be doing 2 deer meals a week to use it up.
Hopefully we will get a good tax return this year and all of that can go into savings. Once the babies get home, I hope to drop down to my minimum 32 hours a month and hopefully that will cover diapers for 2 and formula for one.
Still nervous about it but trusting God to work it out. Aaron is hoping to get some overtime in with fire, but there can be no burning when the ground is saturated. God always helps us through and I am sure He will again. It is kind of fun to try to stay in budget. Unfortunately, I only have about $50 budgeted for groceries for the rest of the month. EEK! It is kind of like a game. What meal can we make now? I have bought for this whole week, so I only have one more week to go. I actually took my lunch to work the last two days even though I can usually eat for less than $3.50 at work. It is a good thing I hate to shop.
I didn't think to put tennis shoes in the budget for this month and our miscellaneous is used up, so I am trying to hold off until Feb. to buy tennis shoes. Mine are in bad shape, but there is no sense in making a budget if you are going to break it. We have the money for them, but I will be sure and budget for them in Feb. Plus, I have a certain amount I want saved by the time we get the babies home and I want to put so much in savings each paycheck.

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