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Next stop China
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I171H and court

We got our I171H in the mail today. That is the document from USCIS saying that we are approved to bring children into the US. And what a coincidence, but our agency lady Sue happened to send me an email a few hours after I got the mail asking if we had gotten that important paper yet. I emailed her back to let her know we had just gotten it today. So she wants me to fax a copy tomorrow.
And exciting news that our case will be submitted for court tomorrow in Ethiopia. Which means that we will be getting our court date in 3-6 weeks. That is "getting" our court date in 3-6 weeks...not going to court then. It still maybe be April before we get to go to court. Then after court it could be as long as 8 weeks before going back to get them. I told Aaron tonight that I am praying that we get the shortest time frames in each of our steps. I want our boys home so bad. I hate that we are missing time with them.
My tooth didn't hurt too awful bad today and I was so excited...until a few minutes ago. Why does it hurt worse at night? I don't know, but I am tired of it, but I am hoping and praying that healing will occur now that the permanent cap is on.
Our coop starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning instead of 9am like usual. Because of the snow. I guess there is a chance they may cancel altogether if the school district here cancels, so we will see.

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