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Friday, January 14, 2011


The title of my post sums it up. I hate how food makers somehow sneak it into many foods and unsuspecting people like me eat it.
Lets go back to Thursday. I worked 7-3. Around 1:30 I felt awful in my abdomen. Achy and a little nauseated. I was very glad to get off work at 3pm because I thought I was getting the stomach virus. By 4 or so, I felt much better.
Then today, again, I worked until 3. Around 1:30, started feeling sick again, only this time worse, my back was aching so bad. Kind of like you have a fever and your joints ache, except this aches in my back and abdomen. By around 4:30, felt good enough to eat supper. I was commenting to Aaron that I must have gotten into soy protein somewhere, because this is the reaction I have when I eat it.
I blamed work because I ate breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria the last two days and ate the same thing both days. (even though I had eaten that food before in the cafeteria without problems.)
I ate a couple of cookies for dessert after supper and happened to look on the ingredient list and what do I see under "contains less than 2% of the following" You guessed it - my nemesis soy protein. I had eaten some of these cookies the last 3 nights.
I have avoided this vile product for almost 3 years. And then in an innocent cookie eating I have doomed myself to 2 or more weeks of abdominal aching at least once a day. I am so mad at myself for not checking before eating. The weird thing about this reaction is that it doesn't happen right after eating. This time, it was about 18 hours later. Normally it is at least 4-6 hours later. Which is why it took weeks, an abdominal CT (normal) an abdominal MRI(normal) and much misery back in 2006 to figure out what was making me so sick.
Bad thing is...I am working 12 hours tomorrow. Should I tell my supervisor to plan on me getting sick from 1:30-4:30 tomorrow? Have someone else cover for me while I waller in achy misery willing myself not to vomit for about 3hours.?
I took some pepto right after I realized my mistake tonight. It helps some when I am having the pain. Maybe it will coat enough that the soy protein won't be detected. I can only hope. Pray for me...

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