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Next stop China
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Waiting for the Snow

Waiting for the 6-8 inches of snow that is supposed to fall over the next few days. It has gotten a lot cloudier in the last few hours. Aaron and the girls are outside in the front yard. He started a small fire out there, but to me it is too cold even if there is a fire. It is around 30 or less right now.
I worked 12 hours yesterday and was worried because I was supposed to work 7-11 tonight. Thankfully, the supervisor knew I was worried about having to drive to and from work in the dark with the snow so she went ahead and told me that they would call me in if they had to, but felt like they would not need me tonight unless there was a disaster.
Oh, this is so neat. I was reading the blog at Don't know the whole connection, but if you will go and read, I believe it was 12/31 post, where she talks about her trip to Ethiopia and posts lots of pictures...well there is a picture of our baby's feet. She was there the same time with our agency lady and I don't know if they traveled together, but the same exact picture is one that our agency had sent us. I emailed her to let her know that we were adopting that baby and to ask if she met our other baby too while she was there....She didn't recognize names, but I sent her pictures of both of them and she sent me another one back, which was the one we got for our referral. So neat to hear from someone else who has seen them. I think she is from Nashville. Sometime while we are up there visiting family, maybe we can take the boys to see her.
Our church already cancelled services for tonight, so we will not be leaving the house today. I decided to go ahead and get a school day in today. Trying to get as many in as possible before the babies come home. Hopefully we will be very close to being done with the year when we get them.
I can't wait. I was on Mom's fast computer this morning watching adoption videos that families have made. Made me cry...soon I pray I will be one of those moms who meets her new children.

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  1. my friend's daughter was in that same OH post! how cool!