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Next stop China
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Trying to think what has happened since my post last Wed.
Thursday I worked 7-3 and felt awful the whole day, esp. after eating lunch. They wanted me to stay until 7, but I was not feeling well. I thought maybe it was still lingering pain from the soy a few weeks ago, since it normally lasts a few weeks. Mom was able to get me an appt at my eye doctor as soon as I got off work, so she drove me over there. Normally when I get my eyes dilated, everything is blurry for hours and I definately could not drive. Aaron was planning to pick me up after work at Moms then we would get the car later. Well, I could see perfectly fine. I was reading signs across the road and everything. So I texted Aaron to not worry about picking me up, I could drive.
I felt sooo sick by the time Mom drove me the 2 miles back to her apartment I called Aaron again to pick me up, apparently my depth perception wasn't back to normal because 2 miles made me so car sick. I went from 1130 at lunch that day until after 8pm, I finally drank some broth. Looking back, I am pretty sure that I had the same mild stomach bug that Aaron had the Sunday/Monday before.
Good news, I am getting some glasses in a few weeks, my old ones I don't wear and the prescription is real old. I wanted a new pair to take to Ethiopia so I wouldn't have to wear contacts 24/7 and my eyes wouldn't dry out on the plane. And I was on my last pair of contacts.
Went to Coop Friday.
Worked 12 hours Saturday.
Stayed home from Church on Sunday morning with Madelyn. She has had a swollen lymph node since Friday and I don't know if whatever is causing it could be contagious. Probably not, but I am planning to take her to the doctor today. Aaron stayed home with her last night. I was supposed to work 7-11 last night, but the census was low enough they cancelled me.
To get 40 hours in each week, without having to work during the day during the week, I am having to work 12 hours every Saturday which I was doing and 3 3-11 shifts a week, plus 1 7-11 shift.

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