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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birth Certificates

We got the boys' birth certificates by email from Sue yesterday. Seeing them makes it that much more real. Also, we finally got the boys' birthdates. Seth's birthdate is 12/23/09 and Ethan's birthday is 11/22/10. Of course, the likelyhood that these are their actually birthdays is very slim. These birthdays were assigned to them by the court. However, it is nice to finally be able to have those dates.
I am praying that we can go next week, but since we are just now being submitted this week, that may be slim. Oh, I can't stand this waiting.
Yesterday we had went to Mom's for a few min. in the morning. We got back around 12 and there was a message from Madelyn's doctor. "Karen, give me a call back, I was calling you about Madelyn's CBC" Ok, so I immediately felt sick. Here I am thinking that no doctor calls you personally with results unless it is bad. So I call him back and his staff said he already left for lunch, to call back around 1pm. So that was an hour for me to think of all the diseases Madelyn might have to be tested for since her CBC was obviously out of whack. On a good note, I did use all of that nervous energy to clean my room, the bathroom, etc. I called back at 1pm and the secretary said he still wasn't back, give him until 1:30pm. Ugh this was killing me. I finally called back at 1:30 and Neice, a nurse I worked with at the hospital spoke with me and said that the doctor just wanted to let me know that her CBC was normal and the Lyme Disease test wasn't back yet.
All that stress for nothing, however I was so releived that it was normal. Thank You God!
Madelyn was feeling some better yesterday, but still spent most of the day lying on the couch or sitting around. Her temp hung around the 99s yesterday. I gave her ibuprofen a few times, because when her temp goes up, she starts getting nauseated. This morning it was normal and of course she has had no ibuprofen since last night. Her neck lymph node was still pretty swollen, but hopefully after a few more doses of antibioitic it will go back to normal.
We did finish cleaning Natalie and Hannah's room yesterday. When we first moved in I let them pick colors to paint. Natalie picked blue and Hannah picked pink. So it is a mixture of colors. I wish we could paint it one color, but I hate painting and wonder if we have enough time. I guess if we don't get the go ahead to travel this weekend, we will have another week to move stuff around. There is a toy box in the girls' room that needs to be cleaned out. They have a tv/vcr/dvd in their room. It can only be used to watch movies, we don't have rabbit ears for it. I think we have enough room to leave that in their and the baby crib.
We have our crib that we used and then Mom had bought one at a thrift store about 6 months ago for her apartment. Then one of Mom's good friends has a sister that had 2 baby cribs she was giving away. So we have a total of 4 cribs. I am going to use our old one, plus a new one. Then Mom will probably keep one and then I will just give the other one away.

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