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Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Waiting to be Submitted

Heard from Sue this morning. Unfortunately, we were not submitted to embassy last week because the boys' passports were not finished. However, we are being submitted Thursday, so that is a good thing and maybe we can go next week. Praying it is so.

The Renaissance Festival ended up being a lot of fun. The girls had a good time and there were enough shows to see that we ended up being there from 11am-4:30pm and still didn't see all of the shows that we wanted to.
It was cloudy day and that kept it cool. It sprinkled a few times, but not enough to make things miserable. And of course, I got mildly burnt. Not enough to hurt, but I told Aaron...not many people can go outside on a cloudy day after slathering themselves in sunscreen and still be a little burnt. Yes, I am PALE! And not so proud of it. This is why I hate the beach (except at night) No matter how often I put on sunscreen, I will get burnt!

Madelyn went and laid down on her own Friday afternoon after co op. I should have known she was getting sick. Then at the festival on Saturday, she kept saying her legs were hurting. I just assumed it was from sitting on very uncomfortable benches and walking up and down hills. Yesterday morning, she said her neck hurt and sure enough, that same lymph node in her neck was swollen> It was swollen about 5 months ago and after a round of antibiotics, it went down and no more trouble.
Last night she was aching in her legs and arms and then she pointed right to where all of her upper leg lymph nodes are and said she was hurting there, both legs. I didn't dig around to look for swollen groin lymph nodes, but went ahead and called in to work today and got an appointment for this morning. We dropped Natalie and Hannah off at Mom's and I took Madelyn in> At this point I was thinking it might by Lyme disease, since she had all the symptoms except no rash, which is not always there.
The doctor also thought that was a possibility since we practically live in the woods and are always pulling ticks off each other. He went ahead and gave her some antibiotics and we went to the hospital to have her blood drawn. We won't know for a few days. I kind of hope we do find out what is causing it.
Today I must clean out Natalie and Hannah's room. Ugh it is so bad. They have bunk beds, and we cleaned out from under them and changed sheets this morning and are taking a break right now. There is only so much cleaning and sorting I can take at a time. Threw away a lot of old toys and stuffed animals and found tons of dirty socks. We have only finished 1/2 the room. I really hate kids' toys. And really really hate stuffed animals. They are sooo cute and take on their own personality and are so hard to get rid of. I told the girls I was going to tell people to never buy them toys anymore. They didn't really care. I wasn't mad, just stating the fact. We truly don't have room. Plus, the kids have more fun playing outside in the dirt, riding their bikes, board games, etc. Sometimes they pull out the barbies, ponies, etc and play, but most of the time, they sit in the bottom of a nasty toy box.

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