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Next stop China
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Last day of co op

This morning was the last day of our homeschool co op for the year. After today, I think we have 14 or 15 days of school to complete this year. Which means it will take us all the way through May and possibly part of June. We will probably take off a few weeks, then start back up after the first week in July. The girls are going to camp that week. Then we can go ahead and get a bunch of days in while it is HOT here and then take off some time in the fall when it is so pretty out and it is hard to stay inside.
I am still antsy to go get our boys. The days are dragging by. Yesterday we went and got paint to paint Natalie, Hannah, and Ethan's room. It was pink and blue. We picked out a bright green. We finished the first coat last night and will hopefully finish the 2nd tonight or in the morning so that we can move stuff back in there and set up Ethan's crib. Right now the house is an awful mess.
Madelyn cleaned her and Seth's room completely yesterday and I think that is the only clean room in the house. That and the laundry room. But with Natalie and Hannahs stuff out of their room, it makes the rest of the house awful. I have to get this fixed before we leave. Oh I pray it is next week.
Madelyn doesn't have Lyme Disease, so that is a blessing and now, even though her antibiotics have been going on for 4 days, her throat is hurting her. I wished I had looked at it when I took her to the doctor because he mentioned it being red and was surprised it wasn't hurting her. I would like to know if it is looking worse. However, she hasn't run a high temp since Tuesday night and it is obvious she is feeling much better, so I don't know why her tonsils are just now hurting to swallow.

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