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Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Electricity back on

We lost power last Wednesday on the 27th around 3pm from the tornadoes here in Alabama. They hit about 5 miles from our house, but thankfully the only damage we got was a few trees down in our yard. Wednesday was a scary day when the girls spent all day off and on in the bathroom under the sink hiding out and I spent the day watching weather radar until the power went out.
Thursday morning, Aaron called me from work and said they were predicting 5-7 days before power would be back on, so I called Mom who lives a few min. away to see if she wanted to take the kids to TN since she wouldn't be working with the power out. She did and the girls have been at my brother's house in TN since. I worked 12 hours Friday while Aaron stayed at home cooking over our fire. We are lucky to live in the country. We were out of propane for our grill. Aaron had about 3/4 tank of gas in the Montero, so we saved that until we could go up to TN.
They didn't need me at the hospital over the weekend, so we drove up to TN on Sat to wash clothes, get gas, buy ice, etc. Spent the night at Aaron's parents. Then we got up Sunday, went to church and drove over to my brothers to take Natalie an ice cream cake for her birthday. She wasn't able to have her skating party here on Saturday, so my brother took all 7 kids roller skating on Saturday. So, she had a great time. I am glad. Aaron and I drove back home last night.
Our city had power when we got home around 6pm, but our house didn't. However at 8pm our power turned on.
I had an email from Sue this weekend saying that our stuff will be submitted for embassy either May 5 or May 12. I pray it is this week! So, we could travel as soon as 2 weeks. I am scrambling today to do the thing I hate hate hate to do. Clean and sort and rearrange. I am terrible at it.
I am cleaning out our laundry room, throwing lots of stuff away and I think we are going to put Natalie and Hannah's dressers etc in the laundry room. I think if we just leave their bunk beds only in their room, we will be able to put a crib in their room and they can share with Ethan. Won't they be excited!
Gotta go, lots of miserable cleaning to do. Mom is bringing the girls back today. Missing them!

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