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Next stop China
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Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm so sore

Since we got postponed a week going to Ethiopia, Aaron and I decided that we couldn't put off going on our yearly trek to SC to trim the Christmas trees we planted before we moved to AL. So, Friday night, we decided to leave the girls with Mom, drive the 6 hours Sat. morn, trim trees Sat, spend the night, then drive back Sun. morn.
Atlanta was doing "Weekend Paving" so that put us about 1-2 hours behind getting there when we sat in traffic forever as it went down to 1 lane.
It took much longer to trim trees than last time. Last year, Aaron trimmed them by himself in about 3 hours. We had a generator and electric trimmers which I used. Both of us trimming took about 5 hours. Aaron doing the majority. I guess the trees had gotten that much bigger. Didn't help that the high on Saturday was 93.
We ate supper with Jim and Linda then went to our hotel to shower and crash. Aaron had enough stays built up for a free room. We got up early the next morning and went back so Aaron could weedeat around each tree, which I could not help with. So I sat in the car with the windows open in the shade reading books, and still was sweating. Poor Aaron was out in it and the high Sunday 97.
We finally got back on the road and headed home. This time we tried to bypass the one lane in Atlanta, but I think it ended up taking longer going the back roads than if we just sat in traffic. We were both so ready to be home. We got to Mom's around 8pm. Picked up the girls and got home around 9pm.
I have a lot of plans this week, before I leave. I spent a lot of time in the car yesterday with cooking magazines, making a menu for this week and next week while I am gone. I am hoping to make a bunch of food that can be frozen so Aaron and the girls don't have to eat hot dogs and frozen pizza all week while I am gone. This will be Aaron's first time alone with the girls for more than a day or two. He will do fine.
As soon as I am done on here I need to shower, make a quick trip to the vet, and then go by our chiropractor and see if they will take me as a walk in. ( I am so sore from trimming trees).
Then I need to go and make a big grocery trip. Then cooking off and on all week. Plus we still have a few days left of school. And I need to unpack Aaron's things, since he is not going to Ethiopia and then pack my stuff again.

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