Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Embassy Next Week...but when?

Well I have wonderful news! Yesterday morning when I woke up I had an email from the Embassy in Addis saying that our case was cleared for us to come and told of appointments from Monday through Thursday. So I emailed Sue and told her, of course she had gotten the same email. She had already emailed back and told them of our preferences. She is trying to get all of the families from our ageny appointments on the same day.
At 8 am our time, it is already 4pm Ethiopia time, so I figure the embassy closes sometime around then. So we knew it would be a wait until today to find out.
I went ahead and made a list of stuff to do today, like get airling tickets, schedule our friend to takes us and pick us up at the airport, finish packing, etc.
Long story short, Sue still hasn't heard from the embassy telling us the exact date of our embassy appointment. AARRGHH! And of course, at this point it is night time in Ethiopia by now, so we won't know until morning. So, if we have to be there for the Monday appt. that means leaving tomorrow night (Friday) and we won't find out until Friday. The suspense is killing me.
My sleep is awful. I dream constantly, can't go to sleep for hours once I go to bed, wake up a lot, stress a lot, then during the day I am tired only to lie down to take a nap and have to hop right back up because I am thinking of all the things I need to do.

For the last few weeks, my ears have been hurting off and on. Not so much sharp pain, but aching and feeling full. Since I already get motion sick easily anyway, and they were hurting bad enough last night I took some tylenol, I decided to go the the walk in clinic today in hopes they would feel sorry for me. Normally, I would not go to the doctor since I am not THAT sick. However, before spending a total of 32 hours or so in an airplane over the next week, I was scared that painful, full ears would lead to a miserably motion sick week.
Strangly enough, my ears looked fine, however, she said my throat looked bad, so she gave me some antibiotics. Which leads me to believe I have the same thing Madelyn had and is just finishing her antibiotics for. She had swollen lymph nodes in her neck and felt tired, but her throat didn't really hurt even though the doctor said it looked bad. No matter, I have started the antibiotics and hope that they will be working by the time we take off.

I have finished packing all of my stuff except for my contact stuff and a few small things I use every day and medicines.
I went ahead and packed a lot of Aaron's clothes yesterday and left his suitcase open so he can see if it is what he wants. He would normally pack himself, but I am antsy and want to feel like I am doing something. This afternoon I took a nap and actually slept. Miracle of miracles.
Now that I am starting to wake up, I am planning to go ahead and get the kids packed.
Andy, our good friend from church, who happens to be the youth minister and has access to the church van is planning on taking us to the airport in the church van and picking us up again like last time. There isn't enough room in our van for all the luggage and our entire family, and it keeps us from having to park at the airport all week.
My neice Blake is going with us. Her Mom or Dad will be bringing her to the airport (depending on what day it is) and will take our girls back to TN with them to stay with one of my brothers, or possibly both. My brother Michael has the appeal of Katie, 15 years old and adored by all the girls with bundles of energy. My brother Eric has the appeal of Doug 14, Daniel 11, Hunter 6, and Heath 2. Kids of every age to play with and a semi- baby. So they are excited to stay at either place.
I was really wanting the girls at the airport when we flew in, and it will work out because Michael or Leigh Anne will be picking Blake up at the airport, so they will be there with the girls when we get home.!
Got to get moving. I was severely disappointed this morning when I found out that I was not going to find out our exact date next week.

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