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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Busy weekend

Last Thursday night, it snowed and sleeted again. Aaron came and left the jeep for me to drive home from work since I get off at 11pm. However, when I left work, the roads were just wet, not slick. The last two miles of gravel road to our house were covered and would have been slick if I slammed on the breaks, but it wasn't bad. I was thankful for that.
Because our county's schools were 2 hours delayed, our coop skipped the 1st hour class and started at 10 instead of 9. Which meant I didn't have to teach AL history. Normally from 10-11 I am not busy, but I agreed to help with the 3-6th grade PE class. It was fun. We played dodge ball and some other game, which the other teacher called Pizza. I called it Octipus when I was growing up. Anyway, it was fun to peg kids with dodge balls. I have paid for it with soreness though, which means I need to be moving more.
Friday afternoon, Mom called from work and said she thought she was sick. I asked her what was wrong, and she didn't know, but she couldn't remember the babies' names. I told her their names and she acted like she had never heard the names before. She then told me how she had been nauseated and real shaky. I asked her if she could remember the boys' names and she couldn't just 3 minutes after me telling her. I told her to stay at work and I would pick her up asap. Took me about 20 min. to get there. Aaron was getting off work in 10 min. so I called him to see if he would stop by her house and grab every pill bottle with her name on it, since I had no idea what all she takes, then meet me at the hospital.
He actually got there about the same time we did, since I had to pick her up, and she wanted to try seeing the doctor in her office instead of ER which was across the parking lot. Doctor wasn't in, so we went to the ER. They ended up admitting her for observation overnight. I sat with her until about 9p Friday night, then left her in good hands of all the friends I work with. Even in the room, she told me the same story 7 times in 1 hour (I counted).
Came home and about 11, as I was crawling into bed, Madelyn came running into the room, saying her stomach hurt. She was half asleep and crying, so I yelled "run to the toilet" So nice when your kids get to the age to hit the toilet. Anyway, she threw up once, but a lot. I thought, great here Mom's in the hospital, now we are all going to have the stomach virus. But, Madelyn went back to bed, we gave her a trash can, and she slept all night. Never to get sick again.
Thankfully, Mom was feeling better Saturday. I was cancelled Saturday and Natalie and I went and sat with her for a few hours that morning. Then I brought Natalie home, and Mom called and said she was discharged, so Natalie went with Aaron to Lowes and Madelyn and Hannah went with me to get mom and take her home. All of her tests were negative. They are doing a carotid doppler on Monday to see if that is what is wrong.
Church this morning. Then Dad came and brought back the dog we gave them back in October. we had told them if they didn't want her we would take her back. Wish it was warmer so we could play with her more and get her used to us. But today is supposed to be in the 50s so that will help. I am getting ready to change out of my skirt and go walking with her and the girls. I am supposed to work 7-11 tonight. So far, the last few Sundays they have cancelled me. Sunday nights are proably when the census at the hospital is the lowest

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