Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ready for a day off work.

So nice to have today off. Actually, I haven't signed up to work any days until Saturday. I might work one just to get more hours in.
I ended up working 6 hours yesterday morning. Someone had called in sick and I knew they would be in a bind, so I decided to just do a half day.
I woke up this morning and was in the bathroom putting in my contacts when Hannah brought me cinnamon toast. When did she get so big? She is so sweet and loves to do nice things for people.
Just last week the girls we asking me about the penpals I had growing up. I had one in England for a little while, But I also had one in Austrailia and he and I wrote back for about 5-6 years during my teenage years. I probably stopped when I went to college, I don't remember hearing from him after that. It was neat. Anyway, last night at church in our kids class, one of the ladies that went to Africa last year was there and she brought a list of kids from a Christian orphanage that the kids could write to. These kids know English, so right now my girls are working on their letters to them.
Only 24 more days until we head out.
I can't believe we will be meeting our boys so soon. We will be arriving in Addis on March 25 0745, so I am thinking after we get to our Guest House, we will be picked up and taken to our boys.
There is a tornado watch here until 1pm. I guess I won't do any running around until after then. So much gets put to the side while I am working. So much that when I have a day off it is spent playing catch up. I am tempted to stay home all week, but then I remember, the more I work now the more I get to stay home with the babies.
I still have a few shots to get. I think I will go in the morning and get that done. I have my LAST! dentist appointment tomorrow at 11. At least until they find something else wrong. But I won't go back for a while for a cleaning, so I can go a little while without dental problems weighing on my mind. My doctor and dentist are in the same town 45 min away. Mom is off work tomorrow, so she can watch the girls and they won't have to sit in the dentists office for an hour.

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