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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eye doctor and 2 miles

Finished school today. The girls are outside in the freezing cold playing with the new dog, getting their exercise. The girls had wanted money, so we decided to make a chore chart for them to do. They get paid 3cents per each chore. I know, not much, but normally at the end of the week they get around $1. From the beginning, I told them not to complain because most of the stuff was stuff they had been doing for free. And to remember that I had the right to make them do more than on their chart and sometimes I throw in an extra chore for more money that needs to be done. Like dusting, which the girls love to do, but I hate it because my nose always itches the rest of the day. Exercise is one of their chores, so if they run around a lot outside, I let them count that...if they don't then they have to do a mile of an exercise video. I even have a kids one that they do. Madelyn can act like it kills her to do a mile, but yet she will run outside up and down hills for an hour.
I have a contact checkup at 1:45 today and I get to pick up my glasses. I am excited to have current prescription glasses to wear around the house at night. And if I ever have a contact problem or eye infection I will still be able to see.
I am working 3-11 today. I'll drop the girls off at Mom's and then Aaron will pick them up around 5 and bring them home.
Me working evenings and passing off the kids back and forth reminds me of when Madelyn was born. I would work 3-11 4 days a week. Aaron was in school full time. I would be home with her my 3 off days and the mornings before I worked. He went to school in the mornings and then would have a lab 2 days a week in the afternoon (these were the days when I couldn't work) The nursing home I worked at, really worked around my schedule since I pretty much had to work every weekend. When Aaron didn't have class, and I wasn't at work, he would get in as many hours as possible working for a landscaper in town. This went on from the time Madelyn was 6 weeks old until she was 11 months old and I found out I was pregnant with Natalie. At that point, I told Aaron I was too exhausted to continue. Seems like he didn't work as much or maybe split his classes so he could be home more. But we worked hard and didn't depend on anyone. Had no family within 4 hours, had no babysitter, did it all alone. Made us stronger, and closer. Love that man!
Oh, I got my 2 miles in today also. I feel so much better when I am exercising and I don't seem to need as much sleep.
Funny story.. I was in the kitchen yesterday and I heard the girls yelling outside "Cotton is having babies" Cotton is our very fluffy cat that is hard to tell if she is pregnant or not because she is so fluffy. So I look outside, thinking she is giving birth, but realized what the girls should have yelled was "Cotton's getting pregnant"
Used to, when I could tell one of our cat's was within a week or two of having babies, I would put them in the room connecting the house to the garage, but after our flea nightmare, it is up to the mother cat to ensure their kittens survival. Perhaps I should tell the mother cats because we haven't seen kittens in almost a year.

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