Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally a flight!

The last week has been trying to say the least, but let me say this at the beginning... Seems like when things are trying, if I keep praising God, things turn out better than if I did things my way.
This past week has been busy with work. Aaron got home between 8-10 every night for about 5 days. Add that to me working evenings and we didn't get much of a chance at all to see each other. Or sit down at a good working computer and buy plane tickets.
Finally on Thursday, after looking a little on the church computer with Aaron and figuring out where we didn't want to lay over, Aaron gave me free reign to purchase tickets.
So I went to Mom's (faster computer) yesterday morning about 9am.
At 2 pm, I still didn't have tickets. I was sooooo stressed out. Hadn't even eaten lunch. Each time I would think I would have it, they would change prices, or not have the return flight available, etc.
I was about to pull my hair out. Then I went to work at 2:45 and Aaron went to Mom's to pick up the girls that night and try. He was about to purchase tickets when he realized that you had to have the names the exact same as on the passports. Well, the passports were 15 min. away at home so he didn't get them last night.
I took the girls to coop this morning and Aaron went to a fast computer to try. He took my Visa since he doesn't have one. He purchased tickets finally...long story short with that, I ended up having to call and answer some crazy questions so that they could verify it was me and I actually wanted to buy tickets to Ethiopia. Visa had declined the purchase until they could talk to me. So, I got the ok with Visa to call the Ethiopian airlines and have them rerun the card.
I call them, and 36 min. later, someone answered (our phone has a timer) I tell the man that I want to reprocess the card and he tries, but unfortunately his computer is not working and it is so surprising to him that he tells me to call back in 30 min.
In the meantime, I start thinking and come to the conclusion that there are forces that I am not seeing trying to mess up this transaction. Too many weird things preventing it. So I prayed that God show me- did he want us on this plane or did he not. I prayed that I wanted what He wanted and to please show us if we should push for these actual tickets or what...I just didn't know what to do. After a few minutes I decided to call Sue at our agency to see who she books with. Spoke with someone else and got a name and number.
I call this travel agent out of Utah and he finds tickets for us that would have probably cost $1500-$2000 less than we would have gotten if we continued with the other ones.
So I told him to hold that thought, save our info and I was going to call the Ethiopian airlines again to tell them not to process the other transaction.
I called them (46 min on hold this time) and finally was able to cancel the transaction that never went through to begin with.
Finally got through to the travel agent and we now have 5 tickets to Ethiopia. Leaving our house on 3/23 and getting home 3/31.
Such a load off my shoulders. Wow! two days to get tickets, however, when I think of the hours of work I would have had to do to pay the difference we saved, I thank God that He worked it out for us like that despite our greatest efforts to get tickets.
Now for the packing and making of lists. Looks like it will be hot while we are there. But shorts aren't acceptable. I think I may take next week to take inventory and see what other clothes we may need.

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