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Next stop China
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Rye flour

We are now studying the Medieval period at home. We have lots of stuff to cook this next 30 days of study.
The first day we planted some herbs which we will be using hopefully towards the end. They are already sprouting.
I searched everywhere for Rye flour. We were supposed to make Pumpernickel bread. But there was none in this small town. I am sure they have some in the bigger town 45 min away. I finally broke down and bought a loaf of bread at Walmart today. We also made beef with barley soup to dip it in. It is actually really good. I didn't think the girls would like the bread, but they all liked it. Soup was another matter. Only Natalie likes soup.
I didn't get home last night until after midnight. Work was real busy, but I like it that way, so the time goes by faster.
It is flurrying here.
Begrudgingly walked 3 miles. Glad I did it now and I am also glad that I decided to blog about it every day. Because even if no one is reading this, there is a chance they are and it keeps me going. I told myself when I didn't want to that I had to so I could put it on here. And I even went above and beyond and threw in that 3rd mile, even though my goal every day is 2-3 miles.

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