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Monday, February 7, 2011

Couch to 5K(ids)

Have you heard of Couch to 5K? Well, I'm not planning on running a 5K, however, I am going to adjust this slightly and do my own version...
Couch to 5Kids.
See, I am out of shape. Couple that with the fact that I would love to lose 40-50 pounds and you have me. It is hard enough to get in shape when you don't carry extra weight. Even harder when you do. However, I am not blaming anyone but myself. Noone has ever force fed me or made me sit around.
When I was pregnant, I gradually made it to birth by gaining 40-50 pounds each time. Or somewhere around there, towards the end, I just didn't want to know. So, looking back, my body got used to carrying around extra weight... you have the baby, lose about 25 pounds of baby, fluid, etc. in the first few days and then you carry around a 7 pound baby in your arms. What I am trying to say is...I am at a bad point where in a few months, I am going to have even more weight to carry around. x 2.
So, I need to get into better shape.
In 2009, our family was going to the mountains of NC with some friends for a week of hiking. Not real hard hiking, since our kids went too, but still...
I started doing Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds videos. I love her videos. They are not too hard to do, you don't have to be supercoordinated, and you don't need a lot of space. I had 6 weeks to get into shape. By the time we went I was up to 5-6 miles probably 5 times a week, don't remember for sure.
Of course, as always, I don't lose weight by exercising, although I do get more toned, which is a plus.
We went on our hikes and I kept up and was in such good shape for someone with 40 extra pounds. Oxymoron I know.
I was able to hike up to Clingman's Dome without stopping. Something I was not able to do when we lived in NC when I was 25-30 pounds lighter and younger. It was great!
I am a great loser when it comes to losing weight. And I mean loser like I can't ever win at losing weight. Very depressing.

But I can get in better shape. So, that is what I am trying to do.
Here is my pity party.
Many things on traditional "diet" lists I can't eat.
Soy Protein - sick as a dog. Comes and goes for about 2 weeks. Misery.
Eggs - diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramps - can eat them in cakes, recipes as long as they are not in the "egg" form...go figure, I guess somehow the protein changes when it is in a cake or bread that I am able to digest
Almonds - eat them, wait an hour, throw them up
Milk - I can tolerate cheese, yogurt almost every day, but straight milk - stomach cramps and gassy belly

Back to the 5 kids
I would like to get in shape soon. Soon as in before I have 30-40pounds of kids to carry around.
The next 7 days, my goal is 2-3 miles every day except Sat, where I am working (on my feet) 12 hours.
Probably inside since the highs are in the 30-40s. I just can't make myself do it if I am miserable because the weather. Once spring hits, I am looking forward to going to the park with the kids, dogs and their bikes and walking there.
I will try to post every day how far I walk.
Today I have already done a mile. Work is wanting me to come in early and help. I may do that if they let me off early.

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