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Next stop China
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We didn't get started as early this morning as I wanted to. I put a lot of stress on myself and I guess I need to let some things go. Like the fact that if I am not going to get home from work until 11:30pm, I shouldn't feel guilty for sleeping late. That is the price you pay for working 2nd shift. It is either sleep til 9 or take a nap(if I have to work again the next day).
I told the girls this morning that they should work on their chores or schoolwork until I wake up. I have the sweetest girls in the world. Two days in the last week I have gotten breakfast in bed.
After school and lunch we went to Mom's to drop off some stuff and I made my CVS run. We were planning to go to 4H, but both Madelyn and Natalie have allergies/colds and sound awful, even though neither one is running a fever.
I did take them to the Health Dept. for their Hepatitis A vaccine for the trip. When I called last week, they said to just show up on Wed. So we did, but they didn't tell me that they needed copies of their shot records. So we waited for their regular doctor to fax them. All in all, there was probably 5 total people there and we were there for almost 2 hours. Ughh! Very irritating. But we finally got to go home. We stopped by Walmart to grab some stuff for supper and a few other things and made it home after Aaron did.
We ate supper then walked outside a while. We didn't go to church since 2/3 of the kids were sick and we are tired.
Aaron signed up to work every day until next Thursday. That will be12 days in a row. He is such a hard worker and I am so proud of him. He takes good care of us.
I don't know what schedule I will work in March
I am still holding out for a March court date even though Sue at our agency thinks it will be April. Mom's schedule at work will be changing, so she doesn't know when she is working yet. I guess we will see.
I hope and pray that I will only have to work my minimum 32 a month when the babies get home.

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