Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Answered prayer 15 years in the making

I can hardly believe that we are going to Ethiopia THIS MONTH!
Last summer, I was teaching the teen girl Wed. night class at church with a friend. I was going through my prayer journal that I used to keep before Aaron and I got married. Part of it was while I was dating him. Anyway, while reading through it, trying to find passages to show how I felt during that time, I found one sentence at the end of one prayer.
Dated 7/22/1996
"Help me make it to Africa at least once"

I didn't even remember praying this, but apparently God did... wow... A prayer by a 21 year old girl. An afterthought. A seed planted by God many years ago that is finally coming to fruition.

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