Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

11 more days

I can hardly believe we will be leaving in 11 days.
Please, please please pray that we pass court on the first time around.
In order to pass court, you have to have a letter from the Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA) in Ethiopia recommending you. MOWA has decided that instead of writing 50 letters a day, they are going to drop down to 5 letters a day.
So one scenario is that we get there and when we get to court the letter is there, we pass court and then we wait for an embassy date.
I hope that happens.
If the letter isn't there when we are at court, we still do our part of court. Then our case will keep being put down for court until the MOWA letter comes in. At that point we will pass court. Fortunately, whether you pass the first time or not, since you have already done your court part, you don't have to keep flying back for court.
Hoping and praying that we pass and can pick up our babies like we would have if MOWA hadn't decided to slow down.
I have 5 big bags packed. 5 big bags to go. Plus 5 carry ons to go. A lady from church gave us a big suitcase today to use and I think she has another big one. In case I do have to pay a fee for them with our first airline in the US, which our travel agent said is iffy, then I might as well take my money's worth. I am planning on packing at least one more today. So hard to decide what to take. Got to get moving.

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