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Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flying out 2 weeks from today

Aaron's parents brought the girls home tonight. Sunday, we drove them up to TN since we had to get some stuff from my bro's Eric's house. Then they took the girls to Atlanta for a few nights. They went to the Aquarium and Coke Factory, plus some other places. They had a great time.
Now that the trip is over, I can get all their clothes washed and work on packing to go across the world. It's a little daunting. I need more suitcases though. I am not sure what to do. We have some that are too big for carry on, but too small in my opinion. However, since we don't have a lot of donations to take with us, we can probably just use those. But we still need a few more I think. I want to fill 10 bags.
Once we get all of our stuff packed that we have to have, if I have room, I think I will announce how much room we have left in our bags and see if anyone would like to throw in some formula or diapers to fill them up. In a way, I feel crazy packing two weeks ahead of time, but then again, I feel like the time is creeping up fast.
I finally got my meningitis and Hep A shot this morning. I wanted a polio, but they didn't have adult polio boosters there and the doctor didn't think I needed one. However, I got on the CDC website this afternoon and turns out that they do recommend a polio booster. The Travel Doctor that is local is travelling out of the country. I think I will call his office tomorrow to see if he will be back before our trip. I am sure he will have what we need. What a pain.
I slept terrible last night. I felt like I hardly slept from 2:30-6am. Then when I did wake up for good, my left shoulder hurt so bad and I could hardly turn my neck.
So I was able to get an appointment at the chiropractor this afternoon. Boy did it hurt, and it still does, but normally it takes 12-24 hours for the adjustments to really take effect. I am going back Friday. Hate to spend the money, but I don't want to start out the trip in pain.
I think we have many of the main things we need for the babies.
We have a crib and a pack and play leftover from the girls. Mom has a crib at her house and we haven't decided yet, but I may just trade her the pack and play for the crib and have both cribs at our house. But Natalie slept in a pack and play until she was 10 months old and she is ok. They take up less room, and you can move them through doorways.
I have a bouncy chair if the baby is little enough to use, a bathtub., clothes up to 18 -24 months.
I have carseats for both boys.
I really want a running stroller. Don't laugh, I am not planning on running, but our driveway is gravel and I enjoy walking with the girls up and down the driveway and around the yard, and i don't think normal stroller wheels would tolerate gravel. I wonder if someone could convert an old stroller into one, using the bicycle wheels off a few of our bikes that don't work. hmmm.
I asked Aaron if he thought it could be done and he said he was sure it could, but then acted like he wouldn't want to be seen with me pushing the thing. Anyway, I would only be able to use it at the house, since folding it up to put it in the car would be impossible with bike wheels.
I may or may not work again before the trip. If I do, I don't think I will work past this Saturday. I was sitting by a nurse yesterday and she casually mentioned that both her kids tested positive for the flu. Then I decided to roll a little farther away and I just don't want to risk getting exposed to something if I can help it right before our trip. Plus, I think it would be too much stress when I am trying to prepare (mentally) for our flights.

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