Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wish we could go already

I am so tired of waiting. It is really stressing me out. I have had a stress headache the last two days. I am 95% packed.
Aaron isn't packed at all, but all he is responsible for is his clothes, I am pretty much packing the rest, so he can finish on Monday. Don't think bad about him. If he packed I think I would be obsessive about it and have to make sure it was all there. Another reason why he packs himself. One time we went to TN for the weekend. I told him I had packed for him, but I think I had just had one of the kids and my mind was not all there and apparently I had only packed one shirt for a few days. And ever since then, he packs himself.
I haven't worked any this week and it has been great to stay home with the girls and not have the stress of getting to work, but on the flip side, it gives me more time to stress. But the last day I did work, I was sitting beside one of the nurses and she casually admitted that both her kids had tested positive for the flu the past weekend. Then I figured that even though I hardly ever can link getting sick to something at work, it is normally that I have caught something from another coworker rather than a patient.
I have a few more loose ends to tie, but I really just want to be there. When I rest, it is all I think about. It makes me tired during the day, I go to lie down, then I can't rest because my mind is going so fast, that I just hop back up and try to think of other stuff to pack.
We got a few things Wednesday night at church for the orphanage. I am hoping that by Sunday night we will be able to stuff our suitcases full of donations.
So sureal however to think that in next week at this time, we will be on Ethiopia Air half way to our babies! We leave at 1200 noon DC time and arrive at 1200 am DC time, but 0800 in the morning in Ethiopia. Which means, we will be ready to sleep, but instead the day will be just beginning. I am hoping hoping we sleep some on the way.
We are skipping co-op in the morning in hopes to avoid any germs that may want to fly our way. We really weren't planning on getting out at all this next week. The only thing we will plan on doing is Sunday night at church. The girls Sunday night class is doing a presentation and the girls are in it, and it is about James 1:27 orphans and widows. Probably shouldn't miss that.
Hannah has been coughing a little the last few days. She woke up in the night with that croupy cough and wheezing. I put a crib mattress for her on the floor of the living room and slept the rest of the night on the couch. Of course, it took me forever to fall back asleep....thinking and worrying again, praying, etc.
I think it is either allergies or a cold. No fever, she doesn't act sick at all, so I am just going to treat the symptoms and hope she is better before we leave. If she does spike a fever, I will try to get her into the MD before we go.
On a wonderful note..
They announced Wed. night at church a few weeks ago about our court date and how expensive adoption is and that if anyone wanted to donate, they could give money to us through the church. I spoke with one of the elders and he said he knew that there was at least $1800 given so far. And a friend handed Aaron $300 last night. So so thankful for that. Every bit lets me spend more time with the kids.
Our payments until we get our tax refund in 2011, if I figured right and if we spend/borrow what I am predicting will be at least $1000 more a month. Yikes! Which is why, when I did the budget last fall and saw that, I about freaked! And I have been trying to work each evening and Saturday that I could so we would have a buffer in savings. It is going to be hard for me to work with two little ones at home. It's is not just me working. I don't want to leave Aaron out. Anytime they have a chance for overtime, he is there. Worked 14 days straight a few weeks ago. Some of those days well over 12 hours each. Such a good provider! I love him!
I pray that we get enough money and have enough saved when they come home that I will only have to work my minimum 32 hours a month. I could do 2 7-11 shifts a week, or maybe 8 hours each Saturday. Something like that.
PLEASE PRAY for us every day!

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