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Monday, March 7, 2011

Vaccines please

Seriously, I really, really need some vaccinations.
Well, I know I have put this off, and part of it is my fault. However, ugh, now that I have incentive to do it, I am having lots of trouble getting it done.
Here is my terrible story that happened Friday that makes me angry every time I think of it.
Started a few weeks ago. I called my doctor's office to see if I could get an appointment for my vaccines. The person I spoke with told me that I didn't need an appointment. To just call the day before or the morning I was coming to get them and let them know I would be there. So, Thursday after noon I called the office. Made sure they had my shots in stock and told them I would be there either Friday at 730 or 1pm. She said ok.
So, Friday morning I got the girls up early and we drove the 45 min. to the doctor's office. Got there at 7:25
Here is my timeline
7:25 arrive at doctor's office and sign in
7:35 receptionist asks which doctor I am there to see and I tell her I was there for vaccines
only and was told I didn't need an appointment
7:45 receptionist tells me that they dont know if insurance will pay for the shots or not and that I will have to pay $242 today when I was done getting shots and they would file later
8:15 receptionist tells me that I actually do need an appointment - sorry that they told you wrong on the phone and do I want an appt with doctor at 8:30
8:16 tell receptionist again that I was told TWICE on the phone that I did not need an appt and that was the only reason I got my kids up early and showed up here at 7:30 in the morning because I was told the afternoon before that it was ok and if I do take the 8:30 appt would they get me back there soon because I have to be somewhere to teach a coop class at 9 am, which by the way, is why I made sure to get here at 7:30, because I thought surely an hour and 10 min was enough time to get me 3 shots! And it takes me 20 min. to get to my coop, so I have to leave at 8:40
8:17 receptionist tells me that she is giving my chart to the nurse right now and hopefully it would be soon
8:30 receptionist again calls me to her hole in a glass window (probably to prevent disgruntled patients from strangling her when they sat in an office with 3 kids for an hour and still no shots)
wants me to sign my chart so they could see me.
8:31 I realize that she had lied earlier and hadnt given my chart to the nurse and therefore wasted another 15 min. of my life. I ask her if they can get me the shots in the next 10 min. before I have to leave. She smiles and says she doesn't know. I grit my teeth and say forget it, I am leaving. She smiles and asks if I want her to reschedule me. I say no I will find some where else I have already wasted an hour here on something false you staff member told me.
so, didn't get shots on Friday.
Tried all the doctors in my town today and only one gives them and I would have to fill out an application, have him approve me and then get an appt next week.
So I swallowed my pride and called my doctor. made a complaint to the office manager and made an appointment for Wed am. Perhaps I will actually get them now. We'll see.

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