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Next stop China
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Pictures, 4 more days ! and Yard sale goodies

Yesterday we got some new pictures of Ethan, the 4 month old. So cute. He really is so much more alert. 0 Our one month pictures, he slept in all the pictures. When he was 2 months, he was awake, and now he actually had a 1/2 smile in one. And a ton of hair, but it looks to be such tight curls that it is not sticking out much from his head.
I wasn't expecting pictures since we will be there next week, and we didn't get any of Seth yet, but it was nice to see some more of Ethan.
We leave in 4 days. I haven't packed in a few days. I am waiting until after church Sunday night. Aaron is planning on packing Monday, so once he packs all his things, any donations we receive from church can be stuffed in. I am so ready to go! I am also ready to be packed and waiting. Our good friend from Church is going to pick us up Wednesday and drive us to the airport in the church van since we don't have enough room in our van for all of our bags, and that way we don't have to pay to park the van at the airport.
This morning on facebook, I noticed a friend was having a yard sale. I asked if she had any running strollers with big wheels. She didn't, but she said she did have a double stroller.
I took a shower and got ready and left the kids at Mom's, which really angered the kids because this friend has a daughter our girls' age, but since I am trying to minimize exposures to anything contagious, I decided not to take them.
The double stroller was already bought, and the single stroller for only $5 was nice, but when I asked the other lady who was there selling to collapse it, you could tell it wasn't working. Glad I asked. But I did get a snugli for $2 and it is in great shape. That was exciting. Plus a couple of other things.
I hate going to yard sales, but this was a good find. I had been looking at Walmart the other day for Snuglis and they were 30$
Aaron is burning at work today. It was iffy as to whether they were going to or not. We were hoping they weren't, but they called at 7:30 this morning to tell him to come on in. He probably won't be home until late.
He is off next week though.

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