Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tomorrow at this time...

Tomorrow at this time we will be heading to the airport in Huntsville. Our friend from church is taking us on the church van. I have everything packed except for a few essentials that I will be using tonight and in the morning (like contact solution, makeup, etc.) After that we will be completely packed and ready. We have 9 large suitcases and 5 carry ons. We are hoping to check our bags at the Huntsville airport and not have to check them out at DC. We are spending the night in a hotel in DC, then leaving out at 12 noon on Thursday.
We will be arriving in ET at 0745 in the morning ( midnight our time) I am praying we get some sleep on the plane or I am sure we will all be grumpy.
Praying that our letter will be there and we will pass court the first time!
I am hoping to post on facebook at least while we are there. I might even post on here too if there is time.
These last few days have dragged along so slowly.
Only 24 hours though until we start our journey. I called our agency and apparently no one else will be travelling at this time for a court date. I didn't think to ask her if anyone was travelling for embassy dates while we will be there or not. I didn't get specific.
Oh, and someone mailed us $100 worth of VISA prepaid cards in the mail yesterday. They didn't sign their names, so if you read this blog... Thanks so much!
So grateful for all the money we get to assist with our adoption.
If you read my post yesterday, I am becoming more excited and less nervous. That is a blessing. I suppose I am almost switched around from 70% scared to 30% scared.
Perhaps God will elminate all of my fear before we leave.!
In my free time of waiting this afternoon, I cleaned out Natalie and Hannah's closet and put up all of their winter clothes. I still have some winter stuff floating around. I know we will still have some cool days, but not cool enough that a light jacket won't take care of. That means more room in the closets. I may go do some more in a minute. Bring on Wednesday!

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