Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Monday, March 14, 2011

9 More days until we leave

Getting more and more excited about our trip.
Please keep praying that our MOWA letter is there (see previous post)
Aaron had to work yesterday so it was just the girls and I until after church last night. We barely made it to church in time for the girls to eat donuts and go to class. I had to dry my hair as much as possible with the heat from the car blasting.
We had a fellowship meal after church, so lunch was taken care of. Then we went to Mom's for a while and around 2pm, I was so sleepy, so we came home and I took a 45 min. nap. I think a lot of it is mental exhaustion. I find myself constantly thinking about our upcoming trip, especially when no one is talking to me and all is quiet.
All I got packed yesterday was a carryon bag. I have 2 huge suitcases loaned to me from a lady at church. I am hoping for some donations from church like diapers, formula, etc to fill our bags too. We have 4 more big bags to pack. I would like to fill them if I am going to take them. And 4 more carryons to pack.
I have been emailing a lady that adopted a baby boy this year and was at the same B & B we are staying at in Nov and in Jan. She has been a very valuable source of information. For example, when the B & B said they had laundry service, I assumed 2 things, either they had a washer/dryer you could use, or you gave them your laundry and they washed it for you in their washer /dryer. WRONG!
Apparently, their laundry service is you giving them your clothes and then they wash them by hand and hang them up to dry outside on the line for anyone to see. Hmmm! rethinking the idea of taking less clothes and just rewashing them. I would rather handwash them myself in the tub and hang our undies inside and possibly the rest of our clothes outside.
It's will be a whole new world.
I am happy for the adventure and praying that God give us all good attitudes.
I was thinking last night of how when we were going to adopt from Guatemala, before that country closed, I was so stressed about flying for 5 hours in a plane and we never got close to adopting from there and it was on the same side of the world. And now, here I am going to fly clear across the world and spend 14 hours total on a plane on the way and about 18 hours total on the way back and now my attitude is bring it on.! ok, lying a little, my attitude is a lot better though and I am not totally terrified anymore.
I will take a dramamine daily though, the nondrowsy type so I can remember my trip.
Last night Aaron had to go check on something at work at 11pm. He had been up since 6 and normally is in bed by 9pm, so I was afraid he would fall asleep, so all of us went. He just had to drive around for a few minutes. Well, we ended up driving down two curvy side roads too. We were gone about 45 min-1hr. Ugh! I was so nauseated by the time we got home. It was cold outside and I was riding the last few miles with the window open, cold air blowing in my face, pressing my fingernail in this pressure point in my earlobe, that somehow helps with the motion sick nausea, hoping to get home and not get sick. I do not want to feel that way on our is an awful feeling.

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