Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yesterday, Aaron took off work early to come home and burn our property. I guess we burned around 15 acres, but I have no idea. It went ok and hopefully we killed a gazillion ticks. Burning really seems to decrease the ticks and let me tell you, we live in tick heaven.
When we bought our neighbor's property last year, Aaron and I went and walked the border of it and when we got back to the house we both had about 40 regular size ticks crawling up our jeans. Took about 20 min of constantly pulling them off and a lot of self control on my part to keep from losing it, since ticks do look a lot like spiders...
When we bought our house almost 3 years ago, the day we closed, we came up and walked around. When we got back to our rental house, we each had more than 20 seed ticks crawling all over us. Missed church that night because we were in the bathroom pulling off ticks.
I am going to have to go walk the fire line in a minute to make sure that it has not jumped the line. Last night when we got back from church, Aaron went and walked it and there were a few places with 2 foot flames. Thankfully, not across the fire line. It is a little nervewracking to see huge flames, but I just watch Aaron and if he is not freaking out, I try not to either.

I think I will start packing today. I may actually have enough clothes for the boys for the trip. It is hard, since I have no idea what size they are. There is laundry service at our Guest house, so they can wear the same thing over and over if they have to. I am planning on doing that. That will let us take less clothes and just wash them and wear again. For our whole family, we can take 10 50lb suitcases and 5 carryons. I plan on using all of that, and hopefully a lot of that will be donations. I still haven't bought diapers or formula. I am itching to start packing. I know I don't want to wait until the last minute to pack 15 bags.
My brother Eric said he has tons of carryon size bags and duffle bags we can use, so we are going up to his house Sunday to get those. We have at least 4 we can use hear and 2 carryons.

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